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"They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses" looks at the invasion of Omaha Beach through both local and veterans reports. It follows the invasion minute by minute, told by those who were there, living through the chaos.


"This book vividly brings back memories of 6 June 1944, D-day, when thousands of American soldiers and their allies pushed hard with every resource to capture control of the Omaha Beach battlefield from the heavily armed German troops entrenched there. Survivors will never forget. Laurent Lefebvre' "They were on Omaha Beach" captures those memories. Excellent writting." Arthur Schintzel - 1st Division, 16th Regiment

"This book is a must read for History Buffs. Laurent Lefebvre should be recognized as the "WWII D-day Historian" of France for his dedication in researching and compiling the stories of 175 of us that landed on Omaha Beach on 6 June, 1944. He will always have our gratitude for his generosity and his determination in keeping the memory of D-day alive." James L. Lockhart - 29th Division, 115th Regiment

"I enjoyed reading your book "They were on Omaha Beach". It gave me a perspective I didn't get while on the beach myself. I constantly think of my buddies who did not make it." Norman Grossman - 29th Division, 116th Regiment

"Time will never erase this account in one of the most descriptive ways of D-day. This collection of testimonies of men engage in the invasion of Fortress Europe, Their recollection of a day marked with sacrifice and almost unbelievable heroism Laurent Lefebvre has organized and presented a truly amazing count-down as the day wore on. Every step as the minutes ticked away. As you read you are unable to stray. You are drawn into each mans' experience. Being a Ranger with F Company, 2nd Battalion, Mortar Gunner at the Pointe du Hoc I too was gripped with the accuracy. I strongly say thanks Laurent for your book was terrific." Bill (Knobby) Walsh - 2nd Ranger Battalion

"'They were on Omaha Beach' is an excellent collection of personal histories of those men that were present for the Great Invasion on June 6th 1944." Harold Baumgarten - 29th Division, 116th Regiment

"The book by Laurent Lefebvre, "They were on Omaha Beach", is in my opinion among the best books written about the Invasion of France during the Second World War. Putting together all the eye witness accounts of men that were actually there, can’t get it any closer to real, of what happened on that Glorious Day. Laurent has put great efforts in time, research, travel, and personal sacrifice into his book to make it a success. I think he has done a great deed for the Veterans of D-Day '44."  Harley Reynolds - 1st Division, 16th Regiment

"This book contains an excellent collection of oral histories that tell the story of D-day in a very personal way. The French stories are of particular interest and fill a gap in the usual books on Omaha Beach. I highly recommend this book." Donald Van Roosen - 29th Division, 115th Regiment

To order "They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses"... ISBN 2-95119963-8-1