They were on Omaha Beach

"They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses by Laurent Lefebvre" looks at the invasion of Omaha Beach through both local and veterans testimonies. It follows the invasion minute by minute, told by those who were there, living through the chaos.

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1st Special Service Brigade

D-Day - Order of battle

Commanding Officer: Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, Lord Lovat

Lord Lovat

Peter Young

Robert W. Dawson

Philippe Kieffer

No. 3 Commando: Lt. Colonel Peter J. Young
  Second-in-Command: Major John B.V. Pooley
  Adjutant: Captain Wardle
  Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant C.G.C. Rae
  Signal Officer: Lieutenant Skelly
  Liaison Officer:
  Medical Officer : Captain E.L. Moore
  Chaplain : Captain/Reverend C. Pritchard
  Regimental Sergeant Major:
    1 Troop: Captain C.E.A. Collins
    2 Troop: Captain Bartholomew
    3 Troop: Captain Eric R. Westley
    4 Troop: Captain B. D. Butler
    5 Troop: Captain Woyevodsky
    6 Troop: Captain John Alderson
No. 4 Commando: Lt. Colonel Robert W. Dawson
    A Troop: Captain A. M. Thorburn
    B Troop:
    C Troop: Captain David C. W. Style
    D Troop: Major Pat A. Porteous
    E Troop: Captain Hutchison Burt
    F Troop: Captain Len N. Coulson
No. 6 Commando: Lt. Colonel Derek Mill-Roberts
  Second-in-Command: Major Charles Courtenay Coade
    1 Troop: Captain Marshall John Adam Leaphard
    2 Troop: Captain Alan Creswell Holman Pyman
    3 Troop: Major D. Colquhoun
    4 Troop: Captain Thompson
    5 Troop: Captain Reginald J. Emery
    6 Troop: Captain Clark Edmond John Leaphard
No. 45 (Royal Marine) Commando: Lt. Colonel Charles Ries
  Second-in-Command: Major W. N. Gray
    A Troop: Captain Captain E. E. Grewcock
    B Troop: Captain Captain N. G. Michael
    C Troop: Major J. N. Rushworth
    D Troop: Captain A. A. Scott
    E Troop: Captain I. N. Beadle
    F Troop: Captain A. W. Neaves
No. 10 (Inter-Allied) French Commando: Capitaine de Corvette Philippe Kieffer
    1 Troop: Lieutenant Guy Vourch
    8 Troop: Lieutenant Alex Lofi
    K Gun Troop: Lieutenant Pierre Amaury