1st Division - 16th Regiment - 1st Battalion - Anti-Tank Platoon- After Action Report

At 0300 hours 6 June 1944 we disembarked from the LST with our three DUKWs. At that time we were 12 ½ miles from the beach and as yet the transports had reached their area. We circled another LST until 0400 hours at which time an assault guide boat started taking us to shore. After about 2 miles the guide boat motor quit, but was again started. The naval personnel told us to go ahead as he was unable to make it. We continued toward shore on our own not knowing the lanes or anything else. At approximately 0700 hours my 1st Squads DUKW sank and all men were later rescued by the navy. We got about 100 yards off shore at approximately 0830 when we received heavy artillery and machine gun fire. One man was seriously wounded in my DUKW. We went back to see where a naval control vessel told us not to and until ordered. We waited around until 1415 hours then went in again. This time we made it. The exits were not finished as yet so we had to sit under artillery fire on the beach until 2000 where two more men were wounded. At 2030 hours we finally got two half tracks and took our guns to the main transit area, as the original one was not taken. During the rest to the main transit area, as the original was not taken. During the rest of evening we stayed in that area continually being harassed by sniper and machine gun fire. At 0600 hours, D+1 Sergeant Cameron found us and took us to Battalion area. We stayed in this position until the Battalion again moved about 1500 hours we again went into position here.