6th Airborne Division - 3rd Parachute Brigade - 9th Parachute Battalion - War Diaries


5th June 1944
Place: Broadwell
0800 - Word received that the operation was definitely on. Morale rose to 100%. In the afternoon compulsory rest was ordered.
2000 - Glider parties (Adm jeeps & 6 pdr A/Tk guns) left for HARWELL Airfield. Recce party consisting of Major Smith, Major Parry, CSMI's Miller and Harold, Sgt's Knight, Easlea, Pinkus and Lukins and Ptes Adsett and Mason, left also for HARWELL.
2115 - Main body of Bn left transit camp for BROADWELL Airfield, collected parachutes and emplaned at 2245 hrs.
Place: Harwell
2310 - Pathfinder A/C took off.
2312 - Adm and A/Tk gun gliders took off.
Place: Broadwell
2312 - Main body took off.

6th June 1944
Place: Normandy
0020 - TROWBRIDGE (Recce) party dropped on DZ accurately and proceeded to carry out appointed tasks. There was no losses from this A/C.
0030 - OBOE of 100 Lancasters bombed DZ area. Some of Recce party were caught in this OBOE but suffered no casualties.
0050 - Main body of the Bn dropped over a wide area.
0235 - 110 All ranks had reported at the RV by this time.
0250 - Strength of Bn now approximately 150 all ranks. Bn Commenced march to first objective.
0400 - C.O. summoned "O" Group and issued orders for the assault on the Battery.
0415 - Assault commenced - immediately previous to which one glider was seen to circle the Battery position and crash land in an orchard in the area of the firm base. Casualties 1 Officers killed. 2 Coy Comds, Adjutant & one other officer wounded. Success signal put up. Bn commences withdrawal. 
0600 - Bn reorganised prior to move to LE PLEIN. Strength now approximately 80 all ranks. Battery shelled by enemy.
0730 - Bn commenced move to LE PLEIN and was caught in bombing of hostile targets. 
0930 - Bn arrived at LE PLEIN, took up positions in the area CHATEAU D'AMFREVILLE and engaged the enemy. Heavy Mortaring throughout the day. Lt. Halliburton wounded and subsequently died.

7th June 1944
Place: Le Plein
Bn attacked by the enemy. Considerable sniping which caused some casualties. C.O. visited Brigadier Lord Lovatt Commanding SS Bde.
2130 - Bn relieved by 1 SS Bde and proceeded to LE MESNIL where temporary positions were taken up. In this area the Bn reverted to Brigade control and were given orders to hold the high ground SOUTH of ST Côme.

8th June 1944
Place: St Come
1200 - Attack by enemy infantry developed on the right flank and was repulsed. Further enemy attacks launched during the latter part of the day. Ground held.