They were on Omaha Beach

"They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses by Laurent Lefebvre" looks at the invasion of Omaha Beach through both local and veterans testimonies. It follows the invasion minute by minute, told by those who were there, living through the chaos.

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D-Day Documents

6th Airborne Division - 5th Parachute Brigade - 7th Parachute Battalion - War Diaries


5th June 1944

Place: Tilshead

Bn moves to rest camp in FAIRFORD PARK where short service was held by Rev PARRY - 1900 hrs bn moves to airfd - 2320 hrs Bn takes off.

6th June 1944

Place: Ranville

0100 - Bn completed drop but went into action with Coys at half normal strength due to some plane loads being dropped in wrong places and one load not dropping at all.

Place: Le Port and Benouville

0325 - Bn occupied objective and held it against various counter-attacks "A" and "B" Coys being heavily engaged.  Cas - killed 3 Officers, Capt Parry (Padre), Lt Bowyer and Lt Hill, and 16 ORs.  Wounded 4 Officers, Major TAYLOR, Capt WEBBER, Lt HUNTER & Lt TEMPLE & 38 ORs.  Missing, 170 ORs did not R.V. after drop. 

1325 - Bn of Commandos passed through bn posns.

2200 - Stick from a/c which failed to drop arrived by glider - included Major TULLIS and Lt THEOBALD and R.M.O. Capt YOUNG.

2230 - Bn of Royal Warwicks arrived and put in an attack on BENOUVILLE.

7th June 1944

Place: Le Port & Benouville

0015 - Bn relieved by Royal Warwicks.

0045 - Bn arrived in Bde res and rest area at 105734.  Odd ptys of men rejoined the bn at various times during the day.

Place: Le Hom

1330 - Bn moved out and took up a defensive posn in area 112735 (Div res).

8th June 1944

Place: Le Hom

Bn posns shelled and mortared at various times during the day, some times heavily.

2100 - Bn seaborne pty arrived.