3rd Canadian Division (Juno Beach)

Rodney F. Keller
The formation of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division was authorized during the Second World War on 17 May 1940. There was then a considerable delay until the brigade and divisional headquarters were formed on 5 September, and the first divisional commander was appointed on 26 October.
While the division's components were forming, The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa was detached and transferred to Iceland as part of Z Force. The battalion spent the winter of 1940–41 there, then moved to the United Kingdom. The division's 8th and 9th Canadian Infantry Brigades began embarking as early as 1 July 1941 and arrived in the United Kingdom at the end of that month. The 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade embarked in August and arrived at the beginning of September. After its arrival, the division spent three uneventful years in garrison and training duties prior to the assault landing on Juno Beach on D-Day.
Commanding Officer: Major General Rodney Frederick Leopold Keller  [view folder]
    The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa: Lt. Colonel P. C. Klaehn  [view folder]
      A Company: Major J. W. H. Rowley
      B Company: Major Carson
      C Company: Major C.C. Hill
      D Company: Major R. M. Ross
    7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th DYRCH): Lt. Colonel T. C. Lewis  [view folder]
  7th Canadian Infantry: Brigadier Harry W. Foster  [view folder]
    The Royal Winnipeg Rifles : Lt. Colonel John M. Meldram  [view folder]
      A Company: Major Frederick E. Hodge  [view folder] (POW 8 June 1944)
      B Company: Captain P. E. Gower  [view folder]
      C Company: Major J. M. D. Jones  [view folder]
      D Company: Major L. R. Fulton  [view folder]
    The Regina Rifles Regiment : Lt. Colonel F. M. Matheson  [view folder]
      A Company: Major Duncan Grosch  [view folder] (WIA 6 June 44)
      B Company: Major Francis L. Peters  [view folder] (KIA 6 June 1944)
      C Company: Major C. S. T. Tubb  [view folder]
      D Company: Major J. V. Love  [view folder] (KIA 6 June 44)
    1st Battalion Canadian Scottish Regiment: Lt. Colonel F. N. Cabeldu  [view folder]
      A Company: Major ? Plows  [view folder]
      B Company: Major R. M. Lendrum  [view folder]
      C Company: Major D. G. Crofton  [view folder]
      D Company: Major ? Ewen  [view folder]
  8th Canadian Infantry : Brigadier Kenneth G. Blackader  [view folder]
    The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada: Lt. Colonel J. G. Spragge  [view folder]
      A Company: Major H. E. Dalton  [view folder]
      B Company: Major C. O. Dalton  [view folder]
      C Company: Major O. A. Nickson  [view folder]
      D Company: Major J. N. Gordon  [view folder]
    The North Shore Regiment: Lt. Colonel D. B. Buell  [view folder]
      Support Company: Captain D. P. Kennedy
      Carrier Company: Captain J. A. Currie
      A Company: Major J. A. M. C. Naughton  [view folder]
      B Company: Major R. B. Forbes  [view folder]
      C Company: Major R. H. Daughney  [view folder]
      D Company: Major J. Ernest Anderson  [view folder]
    Le Régiment de la Chaudière: Lt. Colonel J. E. G. Paul Mathieu  [view folder]
      A Company: Major Hugues Lapointe  [view folder]
      B Company: Major J. F. L'Espérance  [view folder]
      C Company: Major Georges Sevigny  [view folder]
      D Company: Major Gustave Taschereau  [view folder]
  9th Canadian Infantry: Brigadier D. G. Cunningham  [view folder]
    The Highland Light Infantry of Canada: Lt. Colonel F. M. Griffiths  [view folder]
      Headquarters Company: Major F. A. Sparks
      Support Company: Captain D. P. Kennedy
      A Company: Major D. Durnward  [view folder]
      B Company: Captain V. Stark  [view folder]
      C Company: Major R. Hodgins  [view folder]
      D Company: Major H. Anderson  [view folder]
    The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders : Lt. Colonel F. M. Christiansen  [view folder]
      A Company: Major F. L. Fisher  [view folder]
      B Company: Major ? Gemmel  [view folder]
      C Company: Captain ? Milligan  [view folder]
    The North Nova Scotia Highlanders: Lt. Colonel Charles Petch  [view folder]
      A Company: Major Léon Rhodenizer  [view folder]
      B Company: Major Douglas
      C Company: Major Don Learment  [view folder]
      D Company: Major Matson
  Royal Canadian Artillery: Brigadier P. A. S. Todd  [view folder]
    12th Canadian Field Regiment: Lt. Colonel R. H. Webb  [view folder]
      11th Battery: Major D. M. Wilson
      16th Battery: Major J. D. Ross
      43rd Battery: Major A. G. Goldin
    13th Canadian Field Regiment: Lt. Colonel F. de P. T. Clifford  [view folder]
      22nd Battery: Major J. D. Baird
      44th Battery: Major J. D. Young
      78th Battery: Major J. W. Bennett
    14th Canadian Field Regiment: Lt. Colonel H. S. Griffin  [view folder]
      34th Battery: Major A. W. Duguid
      66th Battery: Major J. F. Kibler
      81st Battery: Major G. E. Purcell
    19th Canadian Field Regiment: Lt. Colonel R. G. Clarke  [view folder]
      55th Battery: Major R. H. Mewburn
      63rd Battery: Major R. S. Stronach
      99th Battery: Major R. S. Hetherington
    4th Canadian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment: Lt. Colonel C. E. Woodrow  [view folder]
      32nd LAA Battery (A & C Troops only): Major Jack Cousins
  Royal Canadian Engineer: Lt. Colonel R. S. Cassidy
    5th Canadian Field Company, RCE: Major F. A. McTavish
    6th Canadian Field Company, RCE: Major T. R. Murphy  [view folder]
    16th Canadian Field Company, RCE: Major V. C. Hamilton (WIA 6 June 1944)
    18th Canadian Field Company, RCE: Major C. E. Brown
    3rd Canadian Field Park Company, RCE: Major H. L. Main
  Royal Canadian Corps of Signals: Lt. Colonel G. O. Gamble
    3rd Canadian Divisional Signals:
  Royal Canadian Army Ordnance Corps:
    3rd Canadian Infantry Division Ordnance Field Park:
  Royal Canadian Army Service Corps:
    7th Canadian Infantry Brigade Company:
    8th Canadian Infantry Brigade Company:
    9th Canadian Infantry Brigade Company:
    3rd Canadian Divisional Troops Company:
  Royal Engineer:
    72 Field Company, RE:
    85 Field Company, RE: Major James H. MacLeod
    184 Field Company, RE:
    262 Field Company, RE: Major Charles B. Stone
    235 Field Park Company, RE:
    26th Assault Squadron: Major A. E. Younger  [view folder]
    80th Assault Squadron: Major ? Wiltshire  [view folder]
      1 Troop: Lieutenant John Holland Saunders
      2 Troop: Lieutenant Allan Alexander Oxtoby
      3 Troop: Captain Cecil Francis Tracy
      4 Troop: Captain Mare
  Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps:
    14th Canadian Field Ambulance, RCAMC: Lt. Colonel J. W. Merritt
    22nd Canadian Field Ambulance, RCAMC: Lt. Colonel M. R. Caverhill
    23rd Canadian Field Ambulance, RCAMC: Lt. Colonel L. A. Loree
    5th Canadian Field Dressing Station:
    7th Canadian Field Dressing Station:
    7th Canadian Field Hyg. Station:
  2nd Canadian Armoured: Brigadier R. A. Wyman  [view folder]
    6th Canadian Armoured Regiment (1st Hussard): Lt. Colonel R. J. Colwell  [view folder]
      Hq Squadron: Major K. M. Harding
      A Squadron: Major W. Dudley Brooks  [view folder]
      B Squadron: Major J. S. Duncan  [view folder]
      C Squadron: Major A. D. A. Marks  [view folder]
    10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse)t: Lt. Colonel R. E. A. Morton  [view folder]
      Hq Squadron: Major K. M. Harding
      A Squadron: Major H. C. Blanshard
      B Squadron: Major J. A. Meindl
      C Squadron: Major W. Bray  [view folder]
    27th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Sherbrooke Reg.): Lt. Colonel M. B. K. Gordon  [view folder]
      Hq Squadron: Major F. H. Baldwin
      A Squadron: Major E. W. L. Arnorld
      B Squadron: Major G. S. Mahon
      C Squadron: Major V. O. Walsh
  4th Special Service Brigade: Brigadier Bernard W. Leicester
    No. 48 (Royal Marine) Commando: Lt. Colonel James C. Moulton