6th Airborne Division - 5th Parachute Brigade - 12th Parachute Battalion - War Diaries


6th June 1944
Place: Ranville
0100 - OPERATION OVERLORD. Bn landed in CHERBOURG PENINSULAR (link up posn in LE BAS DE RANVILLE and high ground SOUTH. B + C Coys fwd A Coy NORTH covering rear and watching bridges). Maj Mayfield, Capt Turnbull, Lt Sharp, Lt Austin and 100 ORs missing.  Lts Tottingham-Smith and Campbell and 12 O.Rs wounded.
Place: Le Bas de Ranville
1200 - Capt Sim and 7 O.Rs fought very gallant action area HEDGEROW S.W. of Bn Posn. Held off attack by Enemy Coy supported by 3 S.P. Guns. 4 O.Rs killed. Tiger tank destroyed B Coy area.
2100 - Bn came into reserve under comd 6 Airldg Bde. A Coy moved fwd area x rds 103727.

7th June 1944
Place: Le Bas de Ranville
1300 - Bn attacked by 8 Mk IV tanks and 50 lorried inf. 3 Tanks destroyed and attack driven off. Approx enemy casualties 6 Offrs 110 O.Rs.
2100 - Bn relieved by 12 Devons came into Div Reserve and Rest area in village under comd 5 Para Bde.
1230 - Pte Hall 'B' Coy destroyed 2 Mark IV Tks with 2 shots with 6 Pdr. He had never fired a 6 Pdr. before. Majors Darling and Ritchie & Lt Stirling wounded.

8th June 1944
Place: Le Bas de Ranville
1130 - Moved into rest area 1 mile N of RANVILLE. Still in 5 PARA BDE reserve. Capt Bernhard OC 'A', Capt Firth Adj.