Raymonde Hue

Vierville sur Mer
Omaha Beach


On Tuesday June 06, at about 03:00 (French time), my father made us get up and go in the shelter that he had built in the courtyard. There were my parents, both my sisters and myself.
The next morning, we left very early and we took the road. There were three German tanks stopped in front of the gate. Then, a group of about twenty soldiers walked by. We thought that they were the Tommies because we did not talk about the Americans. These soldiers were surrounded by German ones, who were holding them up with their guns. That group was going towards Louviere. My mother then told us that if we followed that group, the planes might not fire at us. So we went behind that little group. When they got to the junction, some American soldiers liberated their comrades, but we found out later as we were not with them anymore. That happened on June 07, between 09h00 and 10h00 (French time). As we were following a group of prisoners, a German soldier passed by us on my bike. He must have had taken it while walking in front of my house. Five hundred meters further, that soldier had left my bike in a ditch, where all the German officers were hiding. He must have been bringing pieces of information with the bike. I got my bike back, and I dragged it through the meadows for two days. I was 12…
Raymonde Hue