Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Percival Johnson

6th Airborne Division - 5th Parachute Brigade - 12th Parachute Battalion - Headquarters
Sword Beach


Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson landed with his Battalion by parachute behind the enemy lines on the 6th June 1944. His Battalion held the Eastern approaches to the BENOUVILLE bridgehead throughout the 6th June in the face of repeated attacks by enemy self-propelled guns and infantry in superior strength. His courage leadership and skill were an inspiration to the remainder of his Battalion and his task was successfully accomplished.
On the 7th June, Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson's Battalion held its ground against more attacks by infantry with self-propelled guns in support. The assaults were pressed at point blank range and in some places penetrated into his position. Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson's brilliant handling of his Battalion, his coolness under fire was directly responsible for the successful defence of the position as a whole and to the final reoccupation of our original line.
(Source: Distinguished Service Order)