Major Wallace James Thompson

6th Airborne Division - Divisional Headquarters
Sword Beach


Major Thompson, Assistant Provost Marshal 6th Airborne Division, landed by parachute about 0130 hours 6th June 1944 behind the enemy lines with the advance element of Divisional Headquarters. After being dropped wide of his drop zone he made his way to his RV and thereafter organised his men, under enemy fire, so that the swift move of Main HQ to its selected location was possible on their arrival at 0330 hours.
During the days following the arrival of the Division, whilst the bridges over the River Orne were under continuous fire from enemy artillery, mortar and snipers, Major Thompson so organised his Corps of Military Police personnel in the area that the flow of reinforcements to the Division was not delayed for one minute at any time - during this time his example to his men was indeed inspiring, he was to be seen at all hours of the day and night visiting his men; without doubt his cheerfulness and devotion to duty did much to hearten his men and ensure the speedy build up of the essential fighting troops East of the River Orne. His continued disregard for rest or his own personal safety throughout the last two months are beyond praise.
(Source: Military Medal)