Lieutenant George Anthony Johnson Wade

6th Airborne Division - 3rd Parachute Squadron - No.2 Troop
Sword Beach


Since dropping near Ranville at 0050 hours 6th June this officer has shown the most exceptional initiative, courage and leadership. Having reached the bridges at BURES with the main party of the Squadron he was sent on a reconnaissance and found a Jeep and trailer loaded with the special charges for the TROARN bridge. He at once attempted to reach the bridge with a small party but was unable to get through TROARN owing to the enemy. Later in the day Lieutenant Wade was able to reach the bridge on foot alone and found one span destroyed. On the results of this reconnaissance a party was organised under Captain Juckes including a platoon of 8th Parachute Battalion. Lieutenant Wade was able to reach the bridge with his Jeep and trailer covered by this party and successfully demolished a second span and destroyed two boats on the site. On completion of initial RE tasks, the whole Squadron was in defensive positions in Le MESNIL area.
(Source: Military Medal)